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Old Gas Pump? Bookmark and Share
by OOC Network - Pontiac Mon Aug 30, 2010 at 01:20 pm CST
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This may look like an old gas pump you'd find at a filling station on Route 66 back in the day -- but it's actually made of solid wood.

The old tree truck is being carved into an old gas pump at the home of Durelle and Marilyn Pritchard in Pontiac, Illinois.

The carving is by Bud Hainzinger of Morris, Illinois.

"This is a first," Hainzinger said.

Hainzinger has carved many bears, Indians, and other objects, but never a gas pump.

The pump is expected to be completed this week.

This is the second tree trunk carving by Hainzinger in Pontiac this month.  The other carving is of an Indian, located on Water street.

  Indian On Water Street
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